Profile of Radiomics

    Radiomics is a computer assisted tumor analysis software. Given a tumor image, this software segment tumor and extract tumor features automatically. Afterwards, intelligent models trained with big medical image data can classify and diagnose tumor. This software has been applied in more than 30 third-grade class-A hospitals and is free for download in terms of research and education.



Profile of MITK

        MITK stands for Medical Imaging ToolKit.

    It is a C++ library for integrated medical image processing and analyzing developed by CASMI. Thedevelopment of MITK is inspired by the big success of open source softwares VTK and ITK, and its main purpose is to provide medical image community a consistent framework to combine the function of medical image segmentation, registration and visualization.

Profile of 3DMED

    3DMed is a PC-based three-dimensional medical image processing and analyzing system which provides user-interface for MITK.

    The top 10 global Medical image processing software.

Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2008, 46(12):1209-17



Features of MOSE

  MOSE is a simulation platform for bioluminescence imaging research.

  • Simulation of light propagation in complicated shape tissues.
  • Simulation of light propagation in free-space.
  • Simulation in condition of multi-spectral, multi-source and multi-view simultaneously.
  • 3D surface flux distribution reconstruction of complicated tissues.