MITK 2.1 Key changes from 1.X
  1. NEW fully support of out-of-core data set, including out-of-core volume and out-of-core mesh: update the class hierarchy of mitkDataObject; add mitkOoCVolume, mitkOoCTriangleMesh and mitkHEOoCTriangleMesh to support out-of-core volume, mesh and half-edge mesh:
            Some changes to the interfaces:
            a. mitkVolume::Allocate() no longer return the pointer to the volume data, return a bool value to indicate whether the space allocation is successful;
            b. mitkVolume::GetData() does not always return a valid pointer to the volume data, it will return NULL for mitkOoCVolume;
            c. mitkVolume add new interfaces (e.g. GetSliceForRead(), GetSliceForWrite(), GetSliceForReadWrite(), ReadSliceData(), WriteSliceData(), etc.) for accessing slice data in the volume which are recommended to use (see class documentation for details);
            d. mitkMesh::GetVertexData() and mitkMesh::GetFaceData() do not always return the valid pointers to the vertex/face data, they will return NULL for out-of-core mesh;
            e. mitkMesh add new interfaces (e.g. GetVertex(), GetFace(), SetVertex(), SetFace(), etc.) for accessing the vertex/face data(see class documentation for etails).
  2. NEW mitkOoCVolumeRayCastCompositeFunction and mitkOoCVolumeRendererRayCasting classes: provide out-of-core volume ray casting algorithm;
  3. NEW mitkOoCVolumeRendererTexture3D class: provide 3D texture based volume rendering algorithm;
  4. NEW mitkOoCSurfaceRendererStandard and mitkOoCSurfaceRendererUseVA classes: support surface rendering for the out-of-core mesh;
  5. NEW mitkCacheVolumeReader and mitkCacheVolumeWriter classes: provide I/O functions for the disk cache data of mitkOoCVolume, which can reuse the cache data and accelerate the loading process of the out-of-core volume data;
  6. UPDATE mitkMarchingCubes and mitkBinMarchingCubes classes: provide out-of-core Marching Cubes algorithm;
  7. UPDATE the basic I/O classes (e.g. mitkDICOMReader/Wirter, etc.): support out-of-core data I/O;
  8. UPDATE filter classes: support out-of-core input and output data;
  9. UPDATE examples: add out-of-core test part, configure two lines in MITKTest.h #define TEST_OOC // comment it and rebuild to remove out-of-core test part char const DISK_CACHE_PATH[] = "i:\\temp\\ooctemp\\";
  10. Fix others bugs found in MITK 1.x.


MITK 2.1 Key changes from 2.0
  1. NEW CT forward reconstruction framework, including classes encapsulating project data and classes encapsulating fan beam and cone beam CT reconstruction algorithms;
  2. NEW mitkProjectData class, the abstract class that represents CT project data;
  3. NEW mitkProjectDataToVolumeFilter class, the abstract class that represents CT reconstruction;
  4. NEW mitkFanBeamProjectDataToVolume, mitkFbFbpSpeed, mitkFbFbpSpeedUsingGpu classes, the abstract class and concrete classes, which represent fan beam CT reconstruction respectively;
  5. NEW mitkConeBeamProjectDataToVolume, mitkFDK, mitkTFDK, mitkFDKSpeedUsingGPU classes, the abstract class and concrete classes, which represent fan beam CT reconstruction respectively;
  6. NEW mitkTransferFunction2D class: provide the 2D opacity Transfer Function for volume rendering;
  7. NEW mitkTFLevPyramid class, NEW mitkTFLevSquare class, NEW mitkLevTriangle class: map the data property (data and gradient magnitude) to opacity using some objects in a square;
  8. NEW mitkTransferFunctionLev class: is a virtual class and the parent class of mitkTFLevPyramid , mitkTFLevSquare and mitkLevTriangle class;
  9. Fix bugs found in MITK 2.0.