3DMed 4.1

This is our new version of 3DMed based on the QT4 GUI lib.

    In the last version, 3DMed 4.0, there were still a lot of QT3 based plug-ins, which only works in Win32 platform. However, in this version, we developed a set QT4 based plug-ins which are fully compatible with the new architecture of 3DMed 4.x to substitute those old plug-ins so that the whole system can be ported to different platforms.

    For the first time, we provided both the installation package for Win32 as well as for Win64 which has a better support for moderately large datasets. And since the source code is open, it is free for the users to compile and use the system in other environments such as Red Hat Linux.

3DMed 4.0

This is our new version of 3DMed based on the QT4 GUI lib. Besides the new GUI, the new version has the following new features:

    1.  Supports the multi-child-window visualization style which allows the user to dynamically open up multiple child windows for different visualizations styles.

    2.  A new plug-in interface is designed while keeping the compatibility of the old style plug-in interface (old plugins need to be recompiled when porting to the new platform). Comparing to the old one, the new plug-interface has the following advantages:
        a) The plug-in developer can extend the data types in their plug-in projects.
        b) Supports the access of the whole data list.
        c) Plug-ins can be developed in a modeless-child-window style which allows multiple plug-ins running at the same time.

    3.  Support for a console style algorithm testing interface.

3DMed 3.0

    This is a new version of 3DMed which supports for out-of-core processing of the medical image data. It has the ability to process and analyze massive data.     3DMed 3.x is developed based on MITK 2.x, and has a flexible plug-in framework which allows the users to integrate their own plug-in to 3DMed 3.x.


    In order to ensure each plug-in can be used, please make sure that you have installed vcredist_x86.exe, which installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2005 installed.